Portrait Photography

In a studio north of Toronto, and as she travels, Clare often does portrait sessions for the people she meets. Most of these photographs are not here, but are held privately by the owners of those images. A few are on the Portraits page.

For Clare, a portrait photography session is a journey to show identity. The goal is to create a series of final images that truly reflects the way that person sees themselves. Having a portrait taken can be an intimidating idea, but people have remarked on her ability to bring calm to the process and to the person being photographed. Clare's work is known for the sensitivity in which she portrays the subtlest of details about a person's self.

She photographs with a digital camera and combines natural light with studio lights to achieve a natural feel in the photos. Sessions can take anywhere from one to three hours, and sessions usually include a variety of settings and styles of clothing, indoors and out. 

Once a shoot is complete, Clare will create a set of proofs for review, usually within two weeks. These proofs can be viewed online without a second meeting in person. Once the favourite photos have been chosen, Clare will prepare the final images. The entire process can take anywhere from two to eight weeks, depending on the amount of retouching that is requested.

Portraits can be printed on archival art paper and are also provided as digital files that can be easily shared. The flat fee for all portraiture and post processing is $80/hr. There are no other charges. Most clients come away with a dozen or more photographs they print or share digitally, all cropped and corrected, for less than $800.

Clare Ross is available for portrait commissions, teaching opportunities, workshops and public speaking engagements. References are available.